To Grow Marijuana With Clones – A Head Start

Growing marijuana with clones is a little harder than growing with seeds and is usually done by advanced growers, but if you can get your clone rooting you will have a huge head start! The germination process is skipped which can save on weeks of

time. You will want to get your clone to the flowering mode as soon as possible.

Transplanting process is a little different, we will need to stimulate the clone to get the roots started, but once the clone has rooted you have a young lady instead to starting out with instead of a baby seedling.

A clone is basically just a clipping from a mother plant that has already been established with a good root system and upper growth, you want your clone to come from a strong health plant. The young lady will grow up to be just like the mom, so health plant’s are what you want to clone from.

Once you have the clone prepared it will be planted in the medium of your choice, this will be done pretty much like transplanting seedlings. The clones will be a lot stronger than the seedlings and easier to plant. Just like the seedlings they will go into a grow dome to keep moist and humid for the roots to develop.

Picking And Cutting A Clone – Little Me

When picking clones to grow with you want a nice health lady to cut from with nodes that are closer together. The clone will grow to be just like its mother meaning the strain, sex, growth and terpene profile (oils that give the ladies their colors, aromas and flavors) will be exactly the same. Taller stretched out plant is not what you want to cut from.

With a couple cups of water take a pH reading and adjust with pH Down, the adjustment should be between 5.5 and 6.5. The pH levels are various in every state, city and town you live in, tap water usually ranges from 6.5 to 8.5 with pure water being 7.

With clean sharp scissors cut the clone right at the stock in a 45 degree angle and place it in some the water that has been pH adjusted. Cutting the clone at a 45 degree angle will give more of an area to come in contact with the hormones. There are many brands and types of rooting hormones out there that can be easily found.

  • Powder
  • Liquid
  • Gel

Preparing The Grow Medium – Hydroponic Or Soil

You now have the clones ready and should have picked out the grow medium that you are going to grow in and if you want to grow with hydroponics or grow do you want to grow in soil. In my opinion if this is your first grow, you should go with soil. Growing indoors is not for everybody and you don’t want to go out and spend money on hydroponic equipment if its not for you.

If growing with hydroponics you will need to use rockwool or something similar to that and if you are going to grow with soil you will need to use the plugs. Rockwool can also be used for growing in the soil, but I prefer the plugs. I feel like it is one less thing to get moldy that can invite critters into the soil.

In the center of the grow medium make a hole for the clone to be placed in. Take the grow medium and soak it in some pH adjusted water until wet all the way through, place the grow medium in the grow dome to drain extra water out, while are waiting on that you can start on preparing the clones.

PrepareingThe Clone – A Daughter Is Created

All along the stock there places where leaves are growing from, these are called nodes. The nodes are where the roots will start to develop from, that is why I like to have at least two nodes inside the grow medium. Strip all the leaves off the nodes except the fan leaves and tip of the clone.

Cut the top fan leaves in half and then place the clone backing in the pH adjusted water. Removing and cutting of the leaves will help the little girl focus on the root system and it will not use up as much energy on the upper leaves. You are now on the way to creating a daughter that will grow up to be just like her mother.

Planting The Clone – The Young Ladies New Home

Now that you have all the leaves stripped from your stock and the top leaves cut you want to make a fresh 45 degree cut getting rid of the extra stock then cut a little slit at the bottom. Cover the end of the stock and the nodes that are going into the grow medium with the rooting hormone, gently shake off the excess and place your clone into the grow medium. Gently pack down around your stock so there are no air pockets.

You can now place the clones in your grow dome, place the lid on your dome and put the grow dome in the grow area. After about a week or so you should start seeing some roots coming out the bottom and/or sides of the grow medium. At that point you can open up the vents a little to let fresh air in.

With the vents open the grow medium will start to dry out so you must check every day to see if they need some water. You will want to use water that has already been adjusted to the correct pH level with no nutrients added.

Time To Move Out – She On Her Own

You now have the starting of a health root system and you should have new growth coming out soon, almost time to move out and be on her own. Now that the vents are open you really need to make sure that the grow medium stays moist at all times you don’t want the roots to dry up after all that work. Believe me it can happen quickly.

When or if you need to moisten the grow medium use water that has been pH balanced. Once you see new growth popping out from your clone it is time to transplant into the hydroponic system or into the soil. Congratulations! You have a young lady now and she’s out on her own.


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