Growing Marijuana From Seed’s – The Germination Process

To begin the process of growing marijuana from seeds we first have to have the main ingredient “The Marijuana Seed’s”, where you get these magical seeds will depend on where you happen to live. If you live where marijuana is recreational legalized, you should have no problem.

If you live where it is only medically legalized they can be purchased in a local dispensary IF you have a medical card. From my understanding seeds can also be purchase online legally. I’m not 100% sure on this it’s something I’ve never done because, you never know what you’re going to get in the mail.

Starting with the germination and all other steps, or procedure, you are going to want a clean work area as well as any tools to be used. Clean everything after each use and wear gloves if you prefer. You want to keep everything clean at all times, this prevents disease and insects from getting to your lovely ladies.


Germination – The Starting Of A Seedling

Germination is a process were the little seed breaks out of the shell and starts growing into a little seedling. At first, you can see the beginning of the seedling pop out of the shell, followed by the tiny leaf’s with the shell falling off after the leaf’s spread open.

Germination can be done a few different ways, I myself prefer the plastic bag method. Everybody is different so you want to find the one that fits you best. You can try them all out if you would like to or just pick one and go for it.

Before germinating your first marijuana seeds I would recommend  that you use some other kind of seed, peas or beans sprout quick, to test with so you don’t waste your magical seeds. Once the seeds start to germinate they will be very fragile so you will need to be very careful. Just let them do their thing you don’t want to handle them too much!


Plastic Bag Method – Quick And Easy

In my opinion this is the quickest and easiest way for germination to be done. All you need is the magic seeds, a paper towel, plastic bag and a little water, it doesn’t get easier than that!

Take the paper towel and fold it up so it can fit in your plastic bag. The size of the bag depends on how many seeds you want to germinate at once. If you want a larger bag then you can just stack the paper towels on top of each other without folding, four paper towels for gallon size bags.

If you are going to germinate more than one strain at the same time I would suggest you place the seeds in different plastic bags, making sure to label each bag with the name of the strain and the date BEFORE you place the seeds in the plastic bag. This keep the different strain from getting mix up because you can always say “I can remember” but that usually doesn’t happen.

Moisten the paper towel, you don’t want them soaking wet or the seeds will get moldy. Place the seeds on the center of the folded paper towel so they are keep moist. Place the paper towel in the plastic bag and seal it up. This will keep the moisture in. Place the bag in a dark warm place and the seeds should start to crack open in a day or two, some seeds might take long.


Water Method – Almost The Same But Not

With the water method you will need a glass of water, you can use tap water or distilled water either one will work just fine, a paper towel, clean tweezers, and a grow dome. It is almost the same as the plastic bag method but not.

Drop the seeds in the water and around an hour later come back and check on them. If you have any seeds still floating at the top, just give them a little push and it should drop to the bottom. Some might be stubborn so they can set overnight.

You don’t want to leave the seeds in the water much more than 18 hours, 24 being the maximum. Although I have however left seeds in the water longer than 24 hours only because they had not cracked open yet, if the seedling is left in the water too long while it is growing it will not be transplant able, they start to get moldy or mushy.

With in that time you should be able to see the seeds cracking open and the seedling will just be starting to pop out. Place the folded or stacked paper towels at the bottom of the grow dome. With the tweezers gently place the seeds in the center of the folded paper towel, avoid touching the seeds with your hands. Right now they are very sensitive!

Now you can place the lid to cover the grow dome. The condensation will keep the paper towel moist, but you still need to check on them and make sure the paper towel stays moist, the dome will not seal as good as a plastic bag.

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Soil Method – Old Fashion Way

The soil method to me is the old fashion way. Peat pellets or grow plugs can be used for this method. Prepare the pellets or plugs and make a small hole in the center of the soil about an inch down. Cover the seed, lighty pack down and place in grow dome.

Grow domes come in different heights but the taller the better. Once the top is on the dome make sure all vents are closed, this will help from drying out. Check the seed every day to make sure they stay moist enough to germinate.


Sit Around And Wait- The Magic Begins

The seeds are now set for germination, it’s the sit around and wait for the magic to begin, your seeds should be checked on in a few days. Next would be to set up the grow area, if this has not already been done.

It shouldn’t be to long and the seedling will be ready to transplant. If the seed was placed directly into the medium to germinate it will not need to be transplanted yet (peat pellets or plugs).

Around a week or so the seedling should be ready to transplant into the medium that has been chosen. This procedure must be done gently and with clean tools because the seedling can be contaminated, broken or smashed very easily!

3 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana From Seed’s – The Germination Process

  1. Hi. Thanks for the information. I like how you refer to the germination process as magic. It is awesome to watch nature unfold naturally as it does. And it’s even better when the plant is one that is so beneficial to mankind in so many ways. I look forward to following more of your posts.

  2. Appreciated your informative article. I live in Canada and the national legalization comes into effect on October 17th. One aspect of the new rules will allow citizens to grow 2 plants. Do you know of a legal dispensary to purchase seeds?

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